Dear Friends:

As we begin our second year as  a community,  I am filled with the excitement that the New Year portends and reflect back on a very busy year for our community.  Truly, it has been a year of community celebrations and sadness here in San Antonio and on our sacred soil in Israel.  We have been tempered yet again with resolve in the face of danger and buoyed by much happiness.

As we enter the month of Elul, we are preparing for another season of memory and a future yet unwritten.  We have been granted another opportunity to make our lives a blessing to this synagogue and community, to forgive trespasses against us and seek pardon from those we have wronged intentionally and unintentionally.  As we are to be shaken from our complacency by the shofar call in four weeks time, our  souls are preparing softly and gently to perform acts of loving kindness each day one to the other.  We ask God to show us compassion and love in the coming year, and that love must begin with us first.

Elul is spelled Aleph, Lamed, Vav, and Lamed. Those letters represent a four word phrase recited under the canopy of marriage “Ani L’doiV’dodi Li, -I am unto my beloved and my beloved is unto me.”  Truly a love between God and us exists at this season of collective memory. May we resolve to love more and care more for our families, synagogue community and ourselves. And as we prepare to seek forgiveness for our actions, I offer my own apology to those who I have slighted , hurt or neglected this past year.

May we all pray for and be granted a good and sweet year of health and peace in our hearts and homes, and for all Israel.

Shanah Tovah Um’tukah,

Hazzan David Silverstein