Shavuah Tov and Happy New Year Friends:

I hope your holiday season however enjoyed was good for you and your extended families. May the New Year bring us all a sense of opportunity and prosperity, and may it be a good one for us all. Many thanks once again to Charles Gruber for updating our site. If you have suggestions for Charles please contact him through the webmaster button on our site. More positive changes to come in due time. We thank him for this gift of time and talent.

Barbara’s checkup with her Neuro surgeon Dr. Chris Bogaev yesterday was a good one. He now says that his original recommendation for her procedure was precisely spot on, now that he sees her progress. He gave her a confident 100% recovery prognosis and was impressed at her healing, her attitude and physical stamina. Todah LaEl!

Be well, and again a Happy and Good New Year to all!

- David