Shavuah Tov, friends! 

Attached, please see our News for the Pews for this weekend, Parashat Vayakheil/Pekudeh and the blessing of the new month of Nissan which begins on Tuesday. Nissan is the month in which we celebrate Pesach, and is the first of the months of the year (as we reckon of four we celebrate).

Services will begin at 7:15 Friday evening and 10 AM on Saturday morning.

A thought or two about a community Seder for this year.

In response to our low attendance last year (12) , I have decided not to conduct a community Seder this year at Patriot Heights. Aside from easily correctable issues on the menu, our response has diminished since we began in 2006 (175) due to a number of factors including the cost of providing a quality Seder and festival meal for a small group.  Perhaps next year. Let me know your thoughts.

I hope to greet you this weekend.