Shavuah Tov, friends!

I sincerely hope all are well over our long holiday break. Our monthly worship now resumes (the 2nd Shabbat of the month to coincide with M’varchim Hachodesh). Note: our starting time for Friday is 7:15; Shabbat morning begins at 10 AM, both at Patriot Heights All Faiths Chapel.

Our “News for the Pews” is attached for this week.  It makes special recognition of George Siglin, our volunteer administrator. George is leaving St. Andrew after 14 years to begin a new venture with a local CPA firm nearer his home. Candidly, many changes at St. Andrew have taken place there, which are critical to their operation. Most of the staff familiar to us have left to pursue other endeavors. The impact upon us for the year is minimal, with the high Holy days the primary area of concern for us. We are aware of the fiscal impact on Budgets and scheduling in these uncertain times.

Following services on Saturday morning, I will conduct a brief meeting to assess our needs for the remainder of the year.

If any of you need a financial statement  for your accountants in addition to the acknowledgements sent at the time you made your gift, please advise and I will send it to you. Though our fiscal year begins in June. I will reflect 1/1/12 through 12/31/12 as the period for reporting.

We hope to greet you this Shabbat!

Kol Tov,