In advance of Rosh Hashanah, I welcome you most cordially to our services for Rosh Hashanah to be held at St. Andrew Lutheran Church 16320 Huebner Road. Attached, please find our “News for the Pews” covering the Rosh Hashanah period this coming weekend. I hope to greet all of you at services. We will hold our traditional community crafted potluck lunch following services on Monday. Please use the signup sheet or contact Risa Weinberger who has skillfully coordinated your efforts and gifts toward this luncheon. If Selichot’s repast is any example, we shall all be quite sated with bounty on Monday, with plenty to enjoy on Tuesday as well.

Our chorale will be singing with me on the first morning of Rosh Hashanah as is our tradition. I plan to conduct a traditional davening service with accompaniment on the second day of Rosh Hashanah on Tuesday morning. Since some of our group observe the first morning only, it would help me plan better to know who will be attending on Tuesday morning. If the numbers are smaller, I will move the service to our home and not incur the expense for the second day at St. Andrew. Please e-mail me with your intention. I will ask for a show of hands for attendees for RH2 during services, but if you know now, please let me know early if you plan to attend both days.

During these troubled times it will be a blessing to look toward a new year of renewed vigor, enriched music, liturgy and Jewish thought. No sooner had we commemorated the 11th anniversary of our nation’s terror and tragedy do we now face uncertainty, more terror and loss in Egypt and Libya. It will be with extra fervor that our hopes and prayers will be offered this year. I ask for your devotion and involvement in our sacred endeavor.

Shanah Tovah um’tukah—a good and sweet year to all.