Dear Friends,

Warmest summer greetings. I apologize to those who have waited for responses to inquiries to your important questions.

After time outside San Antonio,  I have also been “down” for 7 additional days due to a complete computer replacement; all my e-mail contacts were deleted (900) in the process and are being replaced slowly. If you will kindly share this posting, and e-mail me with a reply including the names and e-mails of folk whom you believe would be interested, I will be able to rebuild faster. Also, if you have retained any CISA e-mail with viewable contacts, kindly forward that to me as well, respecting any confidentialities, of course. Additionally, if you have retained my May/June/July postings, please forward me a copy of each so I may begin to rebuild my data base. If you are receiving a double mailing, forgive the redundancy as I am working from several electronic lists.

Our next Shabbat celebration will take place Friday August 17 at 7:00PM and Shabbat morning August 18 at 10 AM at All Faiths Chapel, Patriot Heights, 5000 Fawn Meadow. A “News for the Pews” will issue shortly. Following services on Shabbat morning and Kiddush at 11:45 AM to end,  we will hold a High Holy Day planning meeting to highlight our plans for this special season and beyond. Our season begins with our Choral Selichot on Saturday evening, September 8 (one month from today) at 8 PM at St. Andrew Lutheran Church 16320 Huebner Road—our location for the Holy Days once again. Please see our website and direct others to it for our posted schedule of services, applications and contribution levels of choice.

All who wish to attend the meeting, who are members, are cordially invited to do so. Guests who wish to consider CISA as their spiritual home are invited to services Friday and Saturday. Guests may attend the meeting, but only after making their commitment to us by completing a membership application and funded with contribution. Because of the sanctity of Shabbat, t I prefer not to have these items written during services, but their promise and submission of a completed application (downloadable from our website) will suffice. Please know, a check is a substitute for money and may be given at any time. In general, it is my feeling that those who observe our caucus should be fully invested as are all of us. Likewise, I feel that after meeting us and enjoying our worship,  many will feel welcome and will join with us.  The social hour, the Oneg and Kiddush, are enhanced with community participation and gifted of repast. Contributions of sweet table items, cups and cutlery, drinks and the like are most welcome (I will make the coffee!). Many of our supplies have been moved by us from Patriot Heights, so if your contribution could include bringing its own serving utensils, that would be ideal.

A final thought: As I wrote previously in the early summer,  our renewals for the coming year are being received, but slower than in past years for all the reasons relevant. Some folk have increased their contributions and others have done this and additionally sponsored our rites, publicity, new banner, rental spaces, personnel and other items, and contributed by their physical work. To bring you up to date, our cash flow is now at $8800 (rounded ). Our obligations for the High Holy Days are $6000 (rounded), inclusive of rentals at the old rate 2 years past. We have received 13 renewals at the current levels. No outstanding collections have been received, no replies to requests to help have been forthcoming,  and no written resignations have been received.

As stewards for one another, please urge others to respond that we may continue to serve the community. As always, discreet and confidential requests may be sent to me. Please remember that all contributions received after July 1 are applied to any outstanding commitments prior to July 1 and then are credited for the 2012-2013 fiscal year (we operate July 1-June 30 by national standard). This does not apply to members outside of San Antonio, or to those for whom their contributions are/were made for life cycle events which did occur before June 30  and which will occur after July 1.

I am looking forward to greeting all of you and prospective new members on August 17-18 at Patriot Heights!

B’yedidut uv’racha,