Shavuah Tov, friends.


Please find attached, our revised “News for the Pews” for this week. A true highlight of the Shabbat morning service at Patriot Heights All Faiths Chapel will be our FIRST baby naming, that of Lily Eve Landry, daughter of Erich Landry and Dr. Holly Kaufman. The family will be sponsoring a Kiddush in honor of the occasion as we bestow Lily’s Hebrew name.  I know you will understand that Dr. Kaufman’s schedule at the hospital and the needs of  her new born daughter will mean that Holly and Erich will depart early, so we will celebrate the naming over the Torah at the beginning of the service at 10 a.m. The balance of the service will be as usual with the blessing of the new month and the singable prayers in slightly different order.


It would be wonderful to see many of our CISA family at this service to welcome a new generation into our midst. So often communities believe that the “special” events are for the family members  alone, like Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebrations and the like . They therefore do not attend.  So, even if you do not attend Shabbat morning regularly, won’t you consider this Shabbat morning as a “must do.” It is our last scheduled for the summer. Beyond that, new babies portend a future in which we can all take pride. We will begin promptly at 10 a.m. and conclude before 11:30 with the sponsored Kiddush following.