Friends, Shavuah tov. A good week to all.


Attached are:


The News for the Pews for Shabbat June 15, 16. It also recites our schedule including our vacation period in July and August and the High Holy Days.  We are interested in relocating back to St. Andrew for the High Holy Days to allow us more space for all concerned. To this end a Donor has gifted us with the funding to make this move for rentals at St. Andrew. Also under consideration was the Ecumenical Center for Religion and Health at Wurzbach and Floyd Curl using their auditorium—a most lovely space. I have not heard back yet  after calls and e-mails. As a graduate of their program, I am concerned but allow for the “human” factor.


Contributions Levels as posted and adopted 2010 and revised 2012.  It is for your convenience and a gentle reminder that we begin our fiscal year on July 1 and conclude it on June 30 every year. This means that any contributions made at any point in the year on or after July 1 and before June 30 are credited to you forthat fiscal year. This means that some of us made larger contributions in one fiscal year than in others. Please let me know how you wish to credit your contributions accordingly.  As always, I contract our singers and any site rentals and suppliers only when I have banked and booked sufficient contributions to cover our immediate High Holy Days expenses and then the balance of the year. We wish to remain on a cash basis only, since an accrual method only proposes, but does not guarantee, that we can meet expenses as they are due.  We take no line of credit with our IBC Bank, and have remained in the black for our 6 years as a group.


As always, some are able to increase contribution levels; while others may need to have theirs reduced due to the economic climate.  Please contact me if I can help you make a meaningful contribution at your chosen level.  I am happy to send you a confidential accounting of your contributions for fiscal 2011-2012. Please let me know if you wish to have this done. New members who have joined most recently so that I may participate in your life cycle events are credited for this new fiscal year beginning July 1.

I hope to greet all of you at our June services!





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