As some of you know, the Drakes will be moving to Ohio after today with their family. I thank Marina Silliker for the update below.

We at CISA in particular and in the general music community wish them our heartfelt best for new successes, happiness and love on their move. For us, Jeremiah, as supported by Lilliana, has graced our services with artistic and spiritual fervor for these past many years to our delight. We shall miss him terribly, especially on the Yamim Norayim as he made our liturgy come alive in all its drama and poignancy. As accomplished artists,  Lily and Jeremiah are well known in the general music and education spheres. I had the pleasure of singing and acting with both in the San Antonio Opera. I will, as I am sure you will, cherish the memories. His voice and photo will remain with us on our site for all to enjoy.  We wish them blessed in all their new endeavors.

We shall not say “goodbye” but in our parlance “L’hitraot”—until we see each other again. May it be soon, indeed.

Hatz’lacha (good luck), Drakes.  All y’all come back now, hear!


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