Shavuah Tov, Friends!


I hope everyone enjoyed Pesach,  with us or as family and community. Thank you for your suggestions for improvement for our congregational Seder. I have visited with our caterer Randy Mena on several points you have made. Thank you for your input.


Attached our “News for the Pews” for this week. NOTE: There will not be a formal Friday evening Service scheduled on 4/20, but those who wish to avail themselves of the Chapel may do so. I will conduct on Saturday morning, April 21 at 10 am.


The Annual Meeting of CISA is scheduled for Sunday evening, May 6 at 7PM at 2652 Inwood Briar SATX 78248 code 64483. The recent posting had an error (an ampersand instead of a ‘7’ was printed). 7 PM is the correct time.



Have a productive week!